Resurgence, WODEX exchange platform currency platform token WMT is listed on Binance Smart Chain

At present, the digital financial market represented by NFT meta universe has developed into the main battlefield of more and more investors. Under the unpredictable market background, more users need more professional NFT meta universe platform and more investment value. Mainstream value currency. Based on this, the WODEX exchange token, WMT, has attracted attention from all walks of life once it came out.


NFT is generally considered to be the most imaginative asset type in the future in the crypto world, and it is also an important part of the meta-universe concept.


At this stage, NFT is developing rapidly, but there are also problems of lack of supervision, resulting in insufficient industry models, blockage of information channels, etc., so both developers and investors are currently engaged in a transparent and safe market. .


WMT maximizes the potential of the advantages of blockchain and NFT, but at the same time it lacks a perfect basic environment. The field currently lacks a valuable issuance platform for multi-chain deployment. The WODEX exchange will be officially launched in May 2022, which will provide participants and developers with a one-stop game aggregation platform.

Although the NFT meta-universe has a promising future, at the same time as the field is developing rapidly, the current complex quantitative network, the inability to predict the future based on historical data backtesting, the serious homogeneity of strategies, and the constraints of strategy limitations are the pain points. Seriously restrict the development of the financial investment industry. In the process of overcoming the above-mentioned barriers, WMT looks forward to the new frontiers of the NFT industry, and the future of the intelligent NFT meta-universe trading era has come.


At this time, WMT explained it personally: the digital currency field needs more breakers, not followers.


As the only authoritative token of WODEX, WMT is equipped with an intelligent quantitative platform to empower a larger user system. At the same time, as a platform token, WMT holders can enjoy the development dividend derived from the increase in the market value of WODEX.


WMT will be listed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Pancake Decentralized Exchange at 20:00 on November 18, 2021. The total issuance of WMT is 1 billion. A project with a unique sales proposition (USP) that completely changed the world of encryption. Transaction tax slippage of 13% (transaction tax 3% currency holding BNB, 5% into the marketing development wallet, 5% into the fund pool

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It is not difficult to foresee that WMT’s long-term vision and large user group will surely make WMT one of the most anticipated mainstream value currencies, opening up a new industry ecosystem, more profitable investment returns, safer asset management, and creating unlimited opportunities for more investors Wealth and happiness.